5 reasons why Formula 1 in 2021 might just get interesting again

5 reasons why Formula 1 in 2021

It’s no secret that since the Rosberg and Hamilton scrap in 2016 the world of F1 has been pretty predictable over the past years. It got even worse last year as Ferrari dropped back down the pack. However after todays race, it seems like everything could get interesting again. Let’s look at my 5 reasons why Formula 1 in 2021 might be in for an absolutely epic season following todays opening race.

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Hamilton & Verstappen

Given that there was less than a second between the two crossing the finish line and the fact that Verstappen was ahead but had to concede the place, there is no doubt in my mind that this year will be close. This is the first time since 2013 that the Red Bull team has had a car starting on pole in the first race. While there is no doubt that the Mercedes cars still had an edge in terms of pure pace, when it comes to certain sectors the Red Bull car was pulling ahead. Given Hamilton’s perfection in terms of precision driving and Red Bulls amazing pit stops and strategy calls. I think that this season the Drivers Championship will come down to the wire.

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McLaren on Point

While McLaren down played their form in pre-season testing, they showed today that they have an extremely strong position this season. Norris managed to put the car in 4th and teammate Ricciardo put the car in 7th. While the latter may seem disappointing, this was his first race with a brand new car and engine. We know that the Honey Badger only gets better as the year continues. If he can put a Renault on podium, there is no reason that him and Norris can’t steal a 3rd place in the constructors.

Ferrari are Back

Ferrari had a great day, while I still don’t think they will be back on form to pull a top 3 constructors finish out of the bag. I am going to go back on what I said in my last post and put them in a comfortable 4th place in the constructors. Their pace was on point, Leclerc pulled the car into a top position and Sainz had a decent race considering it was his first in a new team. I’m excited for Monza this year!

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Red Bull Constructor Fight

I’m making a bold prediction once again. Red Bull will win the constructors. Perez had some bad luck and managed to bring the car from a Pit Start to a solid 5th. He admitted himself it would take him five races to get on pace with the new team and car. If this was race 1 of 5, I can’t imagine how strong he’ll be on race 5. We know that Bottas tends to start strong and end with more trouble than wins. While Hamilton and Verstappen will likely be down to the wire. I think Perez will consistently beat Bottas after this race. This could give Red Bull an easy Constructors Championship.

Tsuprising Tsunoda

Last in my 5 reasons why Formula 1 in 2021 might be epic. While AlphaTauri had a dismal race considering their on testing form and form in qualifying. Gasly didn’t finish and Yuki just managed to pull the car into the low points range. I don’t think that the two relatively inexperienced drivers will make my 4th place constructors position come true. However I do think we are on to see some incredibly performances from the young Japanese driver. Sure he didn’t do great today but there were some glimmers of brilliance from him. As he gains experience this season, I think he will give us some exciting moments. Especially because he isn’t afraid to put his nose in and go for it. I smell a future world champion. Let us know what your favorite part of the race was and don’t forget to check out more of my F1 musings at my all new F1 website.

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