Constructor’s Championship 2021: My Pre-Season Predictions

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We’re just 14 hours from the first round of Qualifying for the season, so I’m late to the race when it comes to throwing my predictions, but I’m going to do it anyway. Let me know in the comments what changes you would make, or why you disagree. In reverse order I’m going to give you my Constructor’s Championship 2021 prediction. I’m also going to put my prediction for which of each teams two drivers will end out with a higher position in the Driver’s Championship.

10. Haas

Starting at the back, this one really does go without saying. The team themselves wouldn’t disagree with us on this. They have decided to put everything into the new regulations in 2021 and this makes sense. They know that they cannot make a large step forward this year and not wasting time, more importantly budget, on this season does seem like the smart call for the team.

Number 1 Driver: Mick Schumacher

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9. Williams

Williams have stated that their car has been setup to do better at a certain few tracks. Their strategy they say is that if they can just grab a few points at some select tracks, then they can jump Alfa Romeo and Haas. At first, I thought, this sounds like a clever strategy. Alfa Romeo ended on only 8 points last year, so it wouldn’t be a stretch. This idea was quickly dashed though when Latifi admitted this “strategy” came about accidentally as the car development progressed. While I do feel that in 2022/2023 we will see this team jump up the order. I don’t expect much this year.

Number 1 Driver: George Russell

8. Alfa Romeo

I would love to see this team, with what could be the last year of my beloved Kimi, jump up the order of the standings. Given the new Ferrari power unit has promise, this could be the case. However given the level of pace and in this case, the pace of the drivers in the teams ahead, I don’t think that they can make that leap this year. I also think that Giovinazzi just isn’t there yet in terms of pace and having the combined drivers in the top 10 will be tough.

Number 1 Driver: The Iceman

7. Alpine

I feel like this is the point where people will start shouting at me in the comments and Alonso fans will be punching the screen. However just hear me out first. Positions 3-7 this year really are anybody’s guess, all of the midfield teams look incredibly strong. This position could just as easily be Ferrari. My reasoning for pushing Alpine down the order though is that there are just too many unknowns. Alonso is without a doubt a brilliant driver, but will he just jump back from where he left off skill wise. The team has lose Cyril, is the new management stronger or weaker? The only Renault power unit on the grid. This means less development money, has it moved ahead along with the Ferrari PU in terms of power. More importantly reliability. I could be horribly wrong here, but I just don’t see them being able to maintain consistency this year with all of these changes.

Number 1 Driver: Fernando Alonso a.k.a Jaws

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6. Ferrari

The new power unit looks to be on pace. The drivers are epic. The team could well be on form to get back into to the top three. However I just don’t think they will. Sainz, although an incredible driver, is going to have to get up to speed. Ferrari still have to show how reliable this all new unit can be over the season. I just think, like Alpine, after their awful season last year there are too many variables. The largest issue I see within this team is that like Red Bull and Mercedes, they would have had to scale back this year to get under the cost cap. Their midfield competitors wouldn’t have had to. While Red Bull and Mercedes also have this issue, they are coming off the back of a strong year. Ferrari isn’t. I genuinely think they put their 2022 power unit in the car, much like Honda, and hit the track.

Number 1 Driver: Charles Leclerc

5. Aston Martin

Until I had seen McLaren’s showing at pre-season testing, these honestly would have been 3rd or 4th, however I think that due to being a “Green Mercedes”, this team will struggle this year. I have no doubt Sebastian will push this car to a podium or two, however I think that it will have some serious issues with being a twitchy car. We saw this from Mercedes and both of the cars had gearbox issues at the same time. While Mercedes are German and therefore robots, they will be able to put the head down and undertake almighty feats to get on top of this. I don’t think Aston will this year. My hope is that Seb can pull this car onto the podium. My biggest issue. Sir. Lancelot is not consistent, which I think will drag them down the order.

Number 1 Driver: Sebastian Vettel

4. AlphaTauri

This one for me was literally a coin toss between 3rd and 4th. Their car is on point, that new Honda 2022 power unit is clearly reliable and powerful. Their drivers are amazing in Gasly and Tsunoda. The team really has it all. They could easily jump into the 3rd place slot, but I think given Tsunoda’s learning curve and…well I’ll explain more in the next team’s write up.

Number 1 Driver: Yuki Tsunoda (I’m hoping he beat’s that French Fella…)

3. McLaren

Now we’re into the top tier of the Formula 1 Constructor’s Championship 2021. While I would love to see McLaren push either Mercedes or Red Bull from the top spot, I think the new regulations next year will come first. This position though I feel will come down to a strong battle between McLaren and AlphaTauri. While Aston Martin could be in the mix, given they have to top teams power unit also. I don’t think so. I think McLaren made the right choice by taking the Mercedes Engine but keeping some parts that they know are more reliable. The biggest reason though I think that this team will leap frog Alpha Tauri? Honey Badger. Daniel Riccardo is a proven race winner, yes Gasly won once, but Ricciboy has done it against the best in the world. He also dragged that Renault onto the podium twice last year. Add that to a reliable and powerful car, a quality (I believe future World Champion) driver in Lando and I don’t this team will be giving up that 3rd place trophy this year. Also if you want to learn more about Zak Brown and how he’s changing the team, watch this!

Number 1 Driver: Daniel Ricciardo

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2. Mercedes

I’m going to regret writing this, as I know on Sunday that Mercedes will finish about 30 seconds ahead in a one, two finish. However there is some reason for hope for the Constructor’s Championship 2021. I think, as I noted in my last post, Bottas is gunning to pull a Rosberg this year. If he does, we all know what this does to Sir. Caresalot. If he gets thrown off even slightly, or the two battle it out. This could let Red Bull, who now have the experience of Checo, chip away at their Constructor’s lead. I reckon Lewis will walk away with a 7th Driver’s Championship, but there is a solid chance Red Bull could bring it down to the wire and take the Constructor’s Championship 2021. At least I bloody hope so. There are also the issues with the car. While Mercedes are more than capable of fixing this, if it isn’t at 110% by the first race or two, Red Bull could also take the lead away early and run with it.

Number 1 Driver: Sir Lucy Hamilton

1. Red Bull

I think that it’s good that Sebastian didn’t “Come Home” as it will I reckon take him a little longer to bounce back from his Ferrari bad luck than people think. One driver who arrives at Red Bull on a massive high though, is Checo. He’s a consistent and experienced driver. While I think Max Verstappen can outrun him consistently, Checo will be able to put the second Mercedes under pressure. In terms of strategy this gives Red Bull overall a massive advantage. We also know that the new Honda power unit is looking incredibly powerful and reliable. The car seems stable and fast. All of this coupled with Christian Horner’s background war games with Toto could see some fun happen for the Constructor’s Championship 2021. On and Off the track.

Number 1 Driver: Max Verstappen.

Let me know what you think in the comments!


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